Visited Family That Recently Moved To Atlanta Georgia

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My cousins recently relocated to Atlanta Georgia because my cousin’s husband got a job there. He had been offered a job that he couldn’t turn down, even though it meant they would need to move 3 hours away. My cousin was up for the move and told him to take the job. Before moving, they looked at homes in the area that were for sale. They said they wanted to purchase something before moving there and were able to make arrangements to meet up with a realtor and see the homes in person. They planned a weekend trip to Atlanta just for this reason. After searching around and looking at about 10 different homes, they found one that suited their needs. They were able to purchase the home before moving there.

After they got settled into their new home and also to their daily life, they asked me to come visit them. They told me how big Atlanta was and how there was so much more to do there than in our small town. They said I would love it. I checked my calendar and told them when it would be convenient for me to visit them. I told them it was the only weekend I could get off of work. They said that weekend would work perfect and told me what events they had lined up to do and said they couldn’t wait for me to join them.

The time finally came for me to visit them. Their home was easy to find and I was simply amazed when I saw it in person. I loved the home itself and it seemed to be located in a great area. Upon arriving my cousin showed me around and asked me if I wanted to go out to eat. She took me to their new favorite restaurant and then told me about the different things going on in the area and asked me if I wanted to check these things out. I told her I was interested and that evening we went and listened to live music. The next day we decided to go shopping. I had a great time seeing everything they had in the area. Atlanta is a large place and I had a great time visiting. It was definitely different than the small town that I have lived in all my life.